FAME Corporations Featured on UCLA SAFE Website

FAME Corporations was recently featured as a partner on the UCLA SAFE website.  We thank them for the partnership and look forward to a successful partnership going forward.  Below is the quoted article.

FAME Corporations: A Committed Partner With Impressive Track Record

Posted by Terry Kanakri on 12 July 2016, 3:48 pm UCLA SAFE Website

With a mission to foster self-sufficient, healthy and secure communities for families across Los Angeles, FAME Corporations is a natural fit to be a partner to the Smokefree Apartments Los Angeles (SALA) initiative.

By joining the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research in its efforts to increase access to smokefree apartments across the city, FAME believes that will improve the quality-of-life for thousands of Angelenos.

“Helping residents in high-need communities to combat exposure to unwanted, drifting secondhand tobacco smoke is a natural fit with our mission to empower communities to be healthy places,” said Denise Brown, President and CEO.

“Over the last few years, tobacco control has grown to become one of our cornerstone programs,” she continued. “Our experienced staff has developed a reputation for their expertise and commitment to reducing exposure to tobacco products and secondhand smoke in low-income communities.”

As part of SALA’s goal to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke among Latino and African-American families across Los Angeles, FAME is an important contributor to the success of this project, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Among other things, FAME has:

• Conducted public opinion surveys
• Provided community presentations
• Raised awareness through community engagement
• Highlighted tenant experiences and success stories
• Identified and engaged apartment housing providers

Seeking voluntary restrictions on smoking in apartments across Los Angeles is a public health issue that needs to be addressed, Brown said.

“Those who claim smoking restrictions interfere with their personal liberties often haven’t considered the negative health impacts smoking has on those around them,” she noted. “Smoking restrictions are less about infringements on one’s right to smoke, but more about a public health concern. It’s about protecting people from the adverse health effects and consequences resulting from unwanted secondhand smoke exposure. In that respect, non-smokers have a right to be protected.”

That’s why FAME is proud to partner with UCLA in efforts to improve public health among vulnerable populations in Los Angeles, Brown said.

“Secondhand smoke can negatively impact entire communities,” she explained. “This is why this project’s success is so important to us.”

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