FAME Provides Transportation for Veterans Economic Summit

FAME Corporations lent a helping hand for Veterans needing transportation to the 4th Annual Veterans’ Economic Summit & 5th Annual Backpack Giveaway on Thursday, August 4, 2016. The event was provided by the Veterans Advocacy Group of America (VAGA). Their Veterans program provides community housing, networking, educational programs, training, and employment opportunities for Veterans and their families. For more information on VAGA visit

FAME Corporations responded to a need to provide transportation to Veterans attending the summit with no means of getting there on their own. FAME used their FAC Transit Program to facilitate transporting Veterans from local hubs to the summit where they could take advantage of the resources provided by VAGA.

FAC Transit provides free transportation to and from work, or work related opportunities for qualifying individuals meeting MTA’s low income criteria and residing in Los Angeles County. MTA working with FAC Transit recognized a systematic opportunity to help low-income riders for whom regular public transportation is inaccessible.

FAME Corporations is proud to support our Veterans’ community. In the spirit of service, and honoring those who have served in our armed forces, FAME is proud to offer these programs helping those in our Veteran community who are most in need. When our Veterans were called to duty, they did not hesitate to serve. As such, when our Veterans return home and are in need of our help the most, FAME is ready and willing to serve.

For more information on our Veteran programs, visit

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