About Us

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FAME Corporations

Since 1992, FAME Corporations has been a community partner and leader in addressing social and economic inequalities affecting low-income, underserved communities in Los Angeles. Today, FAC serves over 1,000,000 people annually by leveraging strong community-wide partnerships, agency relationships, and organizational collaborations to deliver relevant and culturally appropriate programs impacting people’s lives and improving the neighborhoods and communities they call home.

“Community empowerment is a central part of everything that we do here. So whether it’s offering free exercise and cooking classes in housing developments, being an active partner in the fight against tobacco, or helping residents in need access public transportation…we’re here, our doors are open, and the work is being done.”
President and CEO Denise Brown

Our Core Values


We believe effective, lasting change happens from the inside out, whether speaking of individuals, families, or communities.


We believe in the dignity of all persons regardless of circumstance, and in their right to support systems that ensure their basic welfare and security needs are met and enable their potential for growth.


We believe in strong families and interpersonal relationships. Committed, caring, connected families and neighbors are the central stakeholders in all communities.


We believe engaged, supported, focused communities are the best chance for progress in the urban core. Change is infectious, and one transformed community influences another. We support community development, and, in turn, these communities support the work that we do.