Taking a Stand Against Toxic Secondhand Smoke

By Jazmine Guillen, Program Manager, Tobacco Control Program, FAME Corporations Published March 16, 2017 When secondhand smoke from nearby units began flooding Patricia “Patty” Solano’s apartment, aggravating her asthma condition, her concern wasn’t just for herself but also for her child and grandchild, both under 5, who live with her. “Young kids are vulnerable and extremely impressionable,” she said. “I want them to know smoking is dangerous and is bad…

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Los Angeles Wave Highlights FAME’s Tobacco Program

Written by: Jazmine Guillen, Program Manager – FAME Tobacco Control Program Residents of Los Angeles are protected against second-hand smoke exposure in the workplace and at many public places. However, there is no guaranteed legal protection that safeguards residents of multi-unit housing from breathing unwanted smoke in their own homes. Exposure to second-hand smoke is an acknowledged nuisance, but more importantly, it is a health hazard, and also carries costs…

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FAME Northwest Sees Building Upgrades

One of our many properties, FAME Northwest, received major upgrades to enhance the tenant experience. Improvements to the building include fresh exterior paint, replacing metal flushing and roof gutters, and other structural improvements. All individual units themselves were upgrades as well replacing light fixtures and installing modern smoke and CO2 detectors. FAME Housing has plans to continue improving FAME Northwest and enhancing the tenant environment in all 10 of our…

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