FAME Corporations Appears Before Board of Public Works to Support Crenshaw Community

While many prepared for Easter on Good Friday, stakeholders of the Crenshaw community gathered at City Hall to voice their concerns to the Board of Public Works about an MTA permit application seriously impacting the future of the historic Crenshaw corridor. The permit would allow the MTA to remove approximately 150 trees along Crenshaw stretching from Exposition to 67th Streets over the course of construction. Representatives from Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’…

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LADWP Community Partnership Outreach

FAME is a grantee of LADWP’s Community Partnership Outreach program. Outreach is a conservation program designed to educate and energize residents and businesses to reduce their energy and water use. Outreach’s strategy includes partnering with local agencies in order to creatively connect with populations difficult to reach through traditional methods and to identify new and  effective communication strategies for LADWP. FAME is the Outreach partner for the 8th City Council…

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