Immediate Needs Transportation Program (INTP)

intp For more than 20 years FAME, in partnership with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), has helped low-income residents address their transportation needs through our Immediate Needs Transportation Program. Through a collaborative network of over 350 community-based organizations and government agencies, we distribute and make taxi vouchers, taxi coupons, and bus tokens available to Los Angeles residents-in-need. Each month our network issues 96,000 bus tokens and 8,000 taxi vouchers to participants, helping them access public transportation to meet health needs, pursue employment, and attend mandatory appointments. We estimate reaching approximately 16,000 individuals monthly through this program.

Rider Relief Transportation Program (RRTP)

rrtp Based on our success with the Immediate Needs Transportation Program, the MTA partnered with FAME to create the Rider Relief Transportation Program. Designed to mitigate the MTA fare increase for low-income Los Angeles County residents, the RRTP provides fare subsidy coupons to eligible bus riders, saving riders up to $10 a month. Using our agency partner network, we reach approximately 30,000 individuals annually through 60 community-based organizations. The service is made available across the County and includes most municipal transportation operators.
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Job Access and Reverse Commute Program (JARC)

jarc The Job Access and Reverse Commute Program is the newest addition to FAME’s transportation programs and service offerings. The MTA, working with FAME, recognized a systematic opportunity to help a significant number of low-income riders employed by some of Los Angeles’ largest companies. The result of our collaboration is JARC – providing free, regular transportation to and from work for qualifying individuals meeting MTA’s low income criteria and residing in Los Angeles County. JARC currently transports eligible riders to commercial facilities such as airports, convention centers, and stadiums located throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
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Tobacco Control: UCLA-Smokefree Air for Everyone (SAFE)

FAME Corporations is proud to partner with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)’s Center for Health Policy Research on a multi-year project funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. UCLA-SAFE seeks to increase access to smokefree apartments in Los Angeles’ high-need neighborhoods, with a particular focus on Latino and African-American communities, while reducing exposure to secondhand smoke. FAME’s demonstrated history and invaluable experience with community outreach and tobacco control and prevention project management will aid these efforts through conducting community awareness campaigns, public opinion surveying, community presentations, communicating tenant experiences and promoting success stories.
By joining UCLA in efforts to secure voluntary non-smoking policies in apartment buildings across the city, FAME will help improve the quality-of-life for thousands of Angelenos. To learn more about the UCLA-SAFE project, click here.

Greater Los Angeles Training Resource Center

tcrFAME Corporations in partnership with the California Center for Public Health Advocacy serves as a Training Resource Center for the Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention branches of the Long Beach, Los Angeles, Orange, Pasadena, and Ventura Departments of Public Health. Funded by the US Department of Agriculture and the California Department of Public Health, the TRC is part of the new statewide NEOP infrastructure for creating a coordinated, movement for healthy change with and for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) eligible Californians. The Greater Los Angeles TRC provides assistance to local health departments in the areas of training and technical assistance to maximize delivery of SNAP-Ed programs; working with coalitions and collaboratives to enhance community engagement; and media/pr support to raise awareness of and support for issues affecting nutrition, healthy beverages, and physical activity promotion among the SNAP-Ed audience.

Body & Soul / Faith-Based Health

bodySoul Body & Soul is a nutrition education and physical activity promotion program designed for African American churches to encourage members to eat a nutrient rich diet and achieve the recommended amount of physical activity daily. FAME works with the Los Angeles Department of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health’s Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch to implement the program in Los Angeles County, with a special focus on South L.A. We support a network of partner churches that have adopted Body & Soul and assist them in successfully implementing a sustainable program. By working with committed champion pastors at each church, we help develop church activities and an overall church culture that supports healthier eating and getting daily exercise, with the aim of effectively decreasing the incidence and severity of preventable diseases that disproportionately affect communities of color. We also provide peer counseling to motivate and support church members in pursuing personal health goals. Participating churches also make all Body & Soul classes available to their surrounding communities.

Health Begins at Home program

Champions Funded by Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, the Champion Empowerment Program is a nutrition education, physical activity and community engagement program managed by FAME and offered at a series of public housing venues in Los Angeles. The Champion Empowerment Program addresses interconnecting challenges to health by educating and empowering individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices, and enabling them to support and advocate for environmental changes to improve their wellbeing at personal, household and community-wide levels. Each year, up to 50 program graduates complete a 40-hour training program and are educated in the fundamentals of nutrition education and physical fitness, and receive training in order to serve as healthy lifestyle ambassadors and peer educators in their communities.

Let’s Move!

letsMove An initiative sponsored by FAME Corporations, Let’s Move! is a supportive partner of First Lady Michelle Obama’s nationwide campaign to fight childhood obesity and raise healthier children nationwide. Through the Let’s Move! initiative, FAME provides comprehensive, collaborative, community-based campaigns to assist children, youth, and their families in making more effective choices relating to nutrition, physical activity, and cultivating healthier lifestyles. As part of our approach, FAME Corporations sponsors and promotes strategic events, conferences, and collaborative meetings spreading the message of raising an active and healthier generation. Let’s Move! is about early childhood intervention – placing children on a healthier path during their formative years, and providing parents and caregivers with useful tools to foster environments supporting healthier choices. FAME is dedicated to solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation, so today’s children will grow up with a healthier tomorrow.

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Tobacco Control: Residential Voluntary Smoking Reduction Program

tobacco“Fighting for your right to breathe clean, healthy air where you live.”

The Residential Voluntary Smoking Reduction Program at FAME Corporations is grant-funded by the California Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, tobacco smoke residue, tobacco smoke waste, and other tobacco smoke products. Our program sets out to offer residents a choice to live free from unwanted exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. The objective is to transform six multi-unit housing complexes to voluntarily adopt and implement written smoke-free policies requiring all outdoor common areas (e.g., open spaces, playgrounds, swimming pool areas and entrances) and 100% of contiguous individual units (including balconies and patios) to be designated as smoke-free. The overall impact of this project will ensure the health and safety of housing residents and guarantee their right to breathe clean air and put an end to the needless exposure to cigarette smoke and its deadly results. FAME Corporations enjoys distinguished collaborative partnerships with many well renowned organizations such as the American Lung Association, the American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, and the Los Angeles Department of Public Health.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) Community Partnership Outreach

ladwp Through a partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power,FAME Corporations participates in LADWP’s Community Partnership Outreach program. The conservation program is designed to educate and energize residents and businesses to reduce energy and water usage. Outreach’s strategy includes partnering with local agencies to creatively connect with difficult to reach populations and to identify new and effective communication strategies for LADWP. FAME Corporations serves as Outreach partner for the 8th City Council District in Los Angeles, and focuses its efforts on connecting with the low-income populations we reach through our housing, transportation and nutrition education programs.

Youth Engagement Initiative

yei The Youth Engagement Initiative (YEI) is a program developed in 2006 to
engage youth leaders in addressing the environmental factors that affect
people’s eating and exercise habits. YEI works in low-resourced areas to
give youth the skills and tools to develop a healthier community through
service projects. Youth members are provided training, mentoring, tools and
support to implement change in their environment. Through the use of
Youth-Led Participatory Action Research (YPAR), teens are able to build
their skills in critical thinking, service learning, and logical problem
solving. The overall goal of the program is to strengthen our youths’ voices
in addressing nutrition education and physical activity issues.

FAME Financial Services

ffs FAME Financial Services (FFS) is a service collaborative designed serving both consumers and small business owners. Through a series of yearly workshops and trainings, FFS provides business owners and entrepreneurs with free consulting and coaching providing clients with effective financial concepts and strategies. If you are interested in obtaining a free business consultation, please contact the SCORE Los Angeles office. If you are interested in receiving more information on FFS, please contact us below.